American Reunion

10 04 2012

People view their high school days as being a lot more fun than they actually were. We remember the good times much better than the bad times. Instead of remembering acne, changing hormones, and homework, we remember partying, friendship, and young love.

The American Pie series has always been there to remind us of what we didn’t do in high school. Or at least what we wished we did in high school.

Now that the guys from the original American Pie have grown up, they wish nothing more than to return to their high school days. Careers and babies have made their lives more complicated than ever before and ‘the real world’ sure isn’t as fun as it was supposed to be.

That all changes when, for one weekend, the graduates of East Great Falls High School get to celebrate their 13 year reunion. Personally, I haven’t heard of any grad class celebrating their 13 year reunion, but I guess somebody decided that 2012 was a good time to make another American Pie movie.

The characters that we grew up with in the first three American Pie movies all head back to their hometown for one crazy weekend of partying. Jim and Michelle, Oz, Kevin, Finch, and, of course, Stifler, are all in attendance, and numerous cameos are made by other minor cast members.

To say the American Pie series is good at creating awkward moments would be a huge understatement. Awkward moments are the series’ bread and butter, and American Reunion doesn’t disappoint in that category.

Jim is particularly unlucky. One hilariously awkward scene had Jim driving a drunk 18 year old girl home. During the drive, she takes off her clothes, throws them out the window, and passes out in his lap. He is faced with a decision: drop the naked girl off at home, or get his friends to distract her parents while he sneaks her into the upstairs bedroom.

Guess which one he chooses.

Of course, there are also plenty of awkward conversations between father and son about the birds and the bees. Where would the American Pie movies be without that? Eugene Levy is once again perfect as that dad who likes to tell awkward sex stories.

Basically, if you’ve seen the first few movies, then you know exactly what to expect. American Reunion knows how to create the most hilariously awkward situations, and I was laughing nearly the entire time.

The movie does slow down a bit when we watch characters like Jim and Michelle try to solve their marriage problems. No matter how much you care about the characters in a comedy movie, it’s just not that fun to watch two adults argue over who gets to change the baby’s diaper.

Thankfully, these moments don’t take up a lot of time.

This isn’t the end of the American Pie series. As the guys part ways at the end of the movie, they promise to make their reunion an annual event. If those inevitable sequels can continue to walk the line between raunchiness and hilarity, then I expect I will enjoy them just as much.

If you’ve seen the other movies in the series, then you know exactly what to expect from American Reunion: raunchy humour, awkward moments, and plenty of nudity. It’s a great way to remember all the stupid things you didn’t do while you were a teenager.

4 stars out of 5




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