16 05 2011


Being a single at a friend’s wedding can be an awkward moment. Compared to the happiness of the newlywed couple, your solitude seems like a bad thing.

Bridesmaids movie

In Bridesmaids, Annie (Kristen Wiig) has hit rock bottom. She lost a lot of money when her cake-making business failed, after which her boyfriend left her. Amidst these troubles, Annie’s childhood friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) decides that she should plan the bridal shower for her upcoming wedding.

Annie is one of five Bridesmaids, each with their own unique quirks, charms, and hideous faults. One of the funniest scenes of the year occurs when the girls simultaneously get food poisoning while shopping at an upscale wedding dress store. Dressed in expensive gowns and with only one small bathroom in sight, hilarity ensues.

However, Bridesmaids is really a film about one ‘Bridesmaid’ – Annie. Upon realizing that Jillian has found a new friend, Helen (Rose Byrne), who is wealthier, more popular, and more successful than her, Annie begins to feel outcast. A hostile rivalry begins to brew between the two bridesmaids, sending Annie on an emotional roller coaster.

Bridesmaids movie

A highlight of the movie is Annie’s newfound relationship with Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd). After being pulled over for missing her brake lights (which she cannot afford to replace), Annie instantly feels a spark with the police officer. Wiig and O’Dowd have strong chemistry together, and a romantic comedy could have been about these characters alone.

While it may seem like a goofy, all-girls version of The Hangover, Bridesmaids tackles some significant issues. The stress of constantly trying to live up to the expectations of others and the tragedy of getting older are both major themes.

In some movies, adding this element of drama draws the audience away from the comedic aspect. Do we really want to laugh when we see a middle-aged woman crying herself to sleep at night? In Bridesmaids, these themes wonderfully complement the movie, largely because of the acting of Kristen Wiig.

Bridesmaids movie

Treading the line between the emotional train wreck and fun-loving party girl sides of Annie, Wiig accurately portrays the ups and downs of her character’s major life crisis. Wiig is a comedian at heart, and as both a writer and actor in Bridesmaids, she injects hilarity into nearly every scene. One sequence, where Annie mixes Xanax and scotch during a flight to Las Vegas, had the audience in tears.

You can’t help but relate to Annie: she is honest and hardworking, yet is rarely rewarded for her efforts. Meanwhile, she sees fake women like Helen enjoying wealth and popularity. It’s a storyline that many of us will be familiar with.

Bridesmaids is a perfect example of drama, romance, and comedy blending together to create an excellent movie. When the film concludes, it feels both satisfying and enlightening. It’s not just a wedding movie, nor is it another Hangover. Even though I was reluctantly dragged to see Bridesmaids, I ended up really liking it. Are women always right?