Project X

6 03 2012

Parents should stay far, far away from Project X.

In fact, anybody who cares about the safety of teenagers should avoid this one. Featuring absurd amounts of alcohol, ecstasy, and cleavage, Project X is the most ridiculous movie of the year thus far.

It starts off a lot like Superbad (I can’t help but compare every teenage party movie to that comedy classic). Three teenagers are tired of being loners at school, so they throw a birthday party that people will never forget.

Thomas, the birthday boy, hosts the party while his parents are out of town for the weekend. His parents tell him he can have four or five friends over, and Thomas agrees. Meanwhile, he tells his friend at school to invite a maximum of 50 people.


Unfortunately, Thomas’ friend Costa, the chief organizer of the party, tells everybody he knows about the party, including local radio stations, colleges, and even Craigslist. By the time word of the party has spread, over 2000 people show up.

What follows is complete mayhem.

People start jumping off roofs into the pool. A pint-sized security guard tazes a neighbour who shows up to shut the party down. A dog even floats away on a bunch of balloons at one point while somebody yells “It’s like Up!”

To list all of the crazy activities here would spoil the movie, because that is the only content that Project X has. There’s no plot, no meaningful characters, and no semblance of realism. It’s just a bunch of drunken party scenes scrambled together to form a movie.

That’s not really a bad thing, since Project X has plenty of funny moments. The dialogue isn’t always clever, but it’s an accurate reflection of teenage humour, and the bantering between the three best friends is entertaining to watch.

With insults about fat people and mothers flying back and forth between the trio, it’s clear to see that Project X is designed for those who appreciate adolescent humour and slapstick comedy.

However, as funny as Project X can be, it has some serious and unforgivable faults.

First of all, this movie is going to be a nightmare for people trying to limit drug and alcohol consumption in high schools. At one point, somebody plays baseball with a garden gnome that was stolen from a drug dealer (don’t ask). After the gnome shatters into pieces, ecstasy tablets fly everywhere.

In a movie that tries to cross the line at many points, this was the only time I felt that that Project X pushed things too far. It’s uncomfortable watching hundreds of teenagers swarm onto the ground and pop ecstasy onto their tongues like candy.


Hey kids, when you give ecstasy to 17 year old girls, they take off their clothes!

Second, most party movies suffer from one major problem: it’s more fun to throw a party yourself than it is to watch other people have one. It’s hard to live vicariously through any of the characters when you don’t even know their names, and no matter how ‘epic’ the party is, there’s nothing like being there.

Every party movie has this problem to some degree. However, since Project X is basically 90 minutes of party footage, this problem is especially noticeable.

I’ve never been to a party like the one seen in Project X, and I don’t think I ever want to. Somewhere between the cars driving into pools, the fireworks going off, and the random flamethrower attacks, I think I would die if I had gone to this party.

If you’ve seen the trailers, then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into: a raunchy party movie with lots of boobs, booze, and bawdy behaviour. If you like watching other people have a really good time, then you’re going to love this movie.

3 stars out of 5